New Parliament Members Urged to Take Heed on Citizens’ Voices

kunaFalah bin Jame, Amir of the Awazim Tribe, called on the Kuwaiti government to examine the change and positive reaction on the recently-ended Kuwait Elections 2013. He hopes for a positive change in the new Cabinet in order for the people to feel and be secured about the government’s development and achievements. He also said that this could be done by giving an ear to the citizens’ voice, taking into importance of their concerns.  Also, he stressed five lawmakers who made it to the new Parliament from his tribe.

He then continued in his statement, urging the new members of the legislation take head on the citizens’ concerns and to ensure that they resolve them. Also, he said that the new appointed lawmakers must impartially represent the entire nation by leaving behind personal interests.

He also expressed his antagonism against the opposition’s threats in demanding a constitutional monarchy, amendment to constitution, and an elected government. He also hopes that the new Parliament will be able to handle national responsibility for the future of the country.

Everyone has witnessed the Kuwait Elections 2013 that has just ended last Saturday and has heard various reactions from different people from the different sectors of the Kuwaiti society. All citizens in Kuwait have different reactions with regards to the elections and its turnout. However, they unite in one dream—a bright future for Kuwait and its future generations.

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