New Laws Concerning Domestic Helpers

Kuwait's concern for household service workers paved the way for new laws.
Kuwait’s concern for household service workers paved the way for new laws.

Kuwait recognizes the importance of domestic helpers  and other household service workers in their everyday life while working here in Kuwait that is why the National Assembly passed the following laws to moderate issues concerning them.

Over the years, the Ministry of Interior has been the only office that defined the fate of thousands of domestic helpers working here in Kuwait. Next week after the second and final voting will be conducted on these laws, there will be rejoicing news for household service workers.

The first law grants the minimum wage for domestic helpers at KD 45, can demand overtime pay if they are to work after 8 hours, mandatory weekend day off and 30 days annual paid leave. It also states that women under the age of 20 and over the age of 50 are not allowed to be employed as maids.

Kuwaiti families will also be advised  about the following number of maids per family; 4 member families can employ only 1 maid; 5 to 8 member families 2 maids; more than 8 family members 3 maids to be employed. Upon end of service, the employer needs to give indemnity equals to a month’s salary. Maids, private drivers, baby sitters and cooks are included.

The second law establishes a shareholding company that will replace almost 300 private agencies that deploy maids but could not do much for their safety and welfare.

The third law seeks to create a Human Rights Commission that will safeguard the situation of domestic helpers and other household service workers in Kuwait.

(source: Kuwait Times)





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