New Assembly Convenes on 8th August 2013

Kuwait ParliamentThe Cabinet submitted its resignation yesterday to HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah as was required under the government’s constitution. This announcement came in right after the Cabinet held one of their last sessions where they issued an Amiri decree which set the 6th of August as the day when members the new Assembly convoke for the very first time. Later in the day, the Amir issued the decree.

Under the Kuwaiti constitution, the inaugural of the newly-elected members of the Assembly shall be held two weeks right after official results for the Kuwaiti Elections 2013 were declared. However, Kuwaiti government moved the date in order to avoid conflicting with Eid holidays which is expected to start on the 8th next month. After the inaugural, the new Assembly is expected to go into summer recess until October ends.

The Amir is also anticipated to accept the resignation from the government soon enough and will then hold consultations which are customary ahead of declaring the name of the new Kuwaiti prime minister from the new ruling family. Before the parliament meets, the new members of the Cabinet must all be ready.

The twelve percent increase of the voter’s turnout this Kuwaiti Elections 2013 is an indication that the people are ready to improve their relationship with the government for the sake of the country’s future. “The increased turnout signals that many Kuwaitis are ready to put the recent past behind them and move forward,” Kristian Ulrichsen, Gulf expert at the Baker Institute for Public Policy said.


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