Naturalize Bedouns to End Suffering

bedounMP Talal Al-Jalal is calling for government to expedite procedures to resolve the Bedoun issue, in order to end their suffering. He said the category has been neglected for a long period, even though government admits that 34,000 of them deserve naturalization. In a press statement, Al- Jalal implored government to approve the naturalization files of Bedoun military personnel and the sons of martyrs, employees in oil sector who fulfill all necessary conditions and those included in the census of 1965. “My colleagues and I during the next parliamentary session will endeavor to vote for activation of law to grant some 4,000 Bedouns the citizenship.

He added the category is also part of Kuwaiti society who made great sacrifice for the country. He is surprised that government keeps neglecting and suspending their issue. He called for those who don’t deserve the citizenship to be given all necessary social services, so as to live like humans-as stated in the Constitution.

The lawmaker blames government for neglecting the Bedoun issue, stressing the situation went out of hand and became difficult to solve. He pointed to the process of recruiting Bedoun in governmental agencies and said they are prevented from taking jobs to obtain their full rights, adding that recent rumors saying Bedouns have all necessary facilities are false. Al-Jalal stressed the solution to naturalize Bedouns issue depends on application of law and not their eligibility for naturalization, adding the law guarantees their right for citizenship so government only needs to apply law “as we can not accept their current situation”.

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