National Assembly Panels Ready to Outline Priorities

kuwaitKUWAIT: Parliament committees are working on finalizing lists for issues to be given priority when the National Assembly resumes sessions in October. Parliament Secretary Yaqoub Al-Sane announced that heads of committees have been assigned with preparing lists containing six topics each with a September deadline in order to be addressed during early discussions. Al-Sane also hoped that the Cabinet presents a ‘practical’ work program during the first session after the summer recess.

Meanwhile, head of the legislative committee Mubarak Al-Hurais announced that the panel meets Tuesday to discuss nearly ’48 priorities’ on its schedule. He also urged the Cabinet to present a work program “with a clear approach to address pending legislations and mega projects”, and to use financial surpluses to “speed up building new hospitals and universities, and address the unemployment and housing problems”.

Also, MP Mohammad Al-Enizy announced discussions to form a new parliamentary committee whose job is to focus on priorities which he personally identified as “unemployment, development, and stateless residents’ issue” among other topics. In the meantime, MP Yousuf Al-Zalzalah demanded in statements to Al-Rai that the Cabinet is held accountable for “failing to properly execute” the Family Fund that was passed by the scrapped parliament as a debt relief policy for bank loan defaulters.

In other news, MP Al-Sane announced plans to submit a request to allocate a session as soon as possible to debate the fallouts of the K-Dow deal and specifically the reasons behind the government’s ‘rush’ to pay the $2.16 billion penalty fine to Dow Chemical. Meanwhile, Al-Watan daily quoted parliamentary sources who revealed that several MPs discussed the idea of making a similar request in order to discuss government hiring for senior officials during the parliament’s absence, including posts in the oil sector.

Also, MP Kamel Al-Awadhi demanded that the housing problem be given top priority during early parliament debates, including discussions to amend the buy-operate-transfer (BOT) law “so that the private sector can become active in building housing projects”.

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