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More jobs for planned Tourism in Kuwait

Good news for expats in Kuwait. (patamalaysia)
Good news for expats in Kuwait. (patamalaysia)

Kuwait is a coastal state in the Gulf and its location is considered a good tourist destination. Recently, the Tourism sector of the country has proposed plans of preparation for making Kuwait a top tourist destination in the Middle East by 2020.

To date there are a great number of hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, entertainment centers to which many locals and nationals of Gulf Cooperating Council (GCC) countries like Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia as well as nationals from Asia, North America, South America and Europe visiting Kuwait in recent years.

The preparation for tourism in Kuwait is expected to provide about 15,000 jobs for the industry where expats are part of the work force. Although there may be challenges ahead, the proposal is being positively embraced and hopeful to be realized.

Source: Arab Times

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