MoI Promotes Smooth Traffic Flow

trafficThe Assistant Undersecretary for traffic affairs at the Ministry of Interior, Maj Gen Abdulfatah Al-Ali, said in a recent press conference that the traffic department at the Ministry of Interior is quite ready to handle the onset of major traffic tie-ups due to the start of the new school year. He stressed that the traffic department has made allowances to marshal the traffic flow with great capability at school sights which usually present the largest challenge to department resources every school year. Regarding car accidents over the period from last April through July, he said they numbered about 30,000, causing 111 deaths, adding that upwards of 428,000 traffic infractions were registered during the period in question. Cars cited for bad safety records, he said, numbered about 6000, noting that the department of traffic was vehemently in pursuit of drivers who drive unsafe old cars that should be taken off the road. He said the department has so far impounded about 11,000 cars and trucks, whose owners need to pay fines on and in the chance they do not, their vehicles will be publicly auctioned off. He behooved all drivers to abide by traffic laws, noting that the department currently detains 2,127 traffic violators with substantial violations against them.

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