Medical fees for Expats, reviewed

Will medical fees for expats also be changed?
Will medical fees for expats also be changed? (spineuniverse)

Few days past, according to Al-Rai, a proposal from Deputy Speaker Mubarak Al-Khurainej of the Parliament Legislative Committee, was to amend Article 12 of Expatriates’ Health Insurance Law. The amendment centers on imposing fees on health services provided to migrant / foreign / expat workers here in Kuwait.

With the recent changes on other rules and regulations governing the expatriate population in this coastal state, many migrant workers, single or with family are weighing their options and thinking carefully their next move. The migrant workers try to be updated with the latest so they won’t be caught unaware and will be able to have contingency plans in any event possible.

Kabayan, with all the changes happening and you are still under contract, what will be your next move in order to save your earnings? Or if you have only a few months left in your contract, but will still be able to plan ahead, will you choose to make an exit and simply go back home to the Philippines?

Source: Times Kuwait

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