List of 7 Blacklisted Cargo Forwarders in Kuwait

7 blacklisted cargo forwarders kuwait

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As of January 2015, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) updates their list of blacklisted cargo forwarders and consolidators, and unfortunately, 7 of them are based in Kuwait.

The list was compiled by the DTI based on complaints of undelivered and mishandled balikbayan boxes. Non-delivery of balikbayan boxes can be tracked to failure of foreign consolidators to remit a portion of fees collected from customers to Philippines-based couriers and freight forwarders.

“When necessary funds are not remitted to accredited Philippine agents or local freight forwarders, the shipment or the balikbayan boxes with the Bureau of Customs will not be released and will not be delivered to consignees or recipients,” according to Trade Undersecretary Victorio Mario Dimagiba.

The 7 Kuwait based companies/forwarders blacklisted in the January 2015 update are:

  1. NC Manila Cargo
  2. Pacific Logistics International Cargo
  3. Philippine Cargo International
  4. Sri Sara Cargo
  5. The Filipino Cargo International
  6. Eastern Cargo
  7. CNC Manila Cargo / New Cliffe General Trad. & Cont. Co.

With Petition for Revocation of Accreditation

  1. Natasha Express Cargo Services

OFWs in Kuwait are reminded to avoid the above listed blacklist forwarders / companies.


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