LightBenders, shining for three years

Everyone appreciates a good photo. The invention of the word “selfie” is enough to prove my point. And we all know that there is more to photography than just the click. One of the important aspects that professional photographers focus on is lighting.

At the heart of every photo is a story, and like ink and paper, many elements come together to tell that story. One of these key ingredients is light. Whether it sets the mood, creates depth, or highlights a subject, the light around you and how you respond to it can often make or break a photo.

LightbendersIn Kuwait, there is a group of photographers who are practicing their abilities to control and manipulate the lights as the primary factor needed in photography. They call themselves the LightBenders and they recently celebrated their third anniversary last February 7, 2014 at the Hawthorn Hotel in Hawally.

A photo exhibit was, of course, part of the event. Led by Consul General Raul Dado, who also gave the group an inspirational talk, it was also the night of oath-taking for the following officers:

Ramil Sunga               as President
Roden Quintinio        as Vice president
Sol dela Pena             as  Secretary
Jes Reyes                    as Treasurer
Leo Lagaras                           as Auditor

Congratulations Kabayan! And may you continue to shine for many years!


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