LBC Express according to an OFW in Kuwait

LBC Express according to an OFW in Kuwait

Even before I became an OFW here in Kuwait, I had the opportunity to experience how reliable and trustworthy LBC is. Back in the Philippines, I used to work as an office staff in a printing press and all year round, we’ve had transactions with LBC. From documents, parcels, to boxes for delivery to different points in the Philippines, not once did I have any problem with LBC. All of our consignments were delivered on time much to the benefit of both employer and clients.

On a more personal note, my relatives living in California, USA also trust LBC with their pre-Christmas balikbayan box for the family. Every year, the box arrived in one piece and on time.

LBC is considered the largest courier network in the Philippines. With its 24/7 domestic and international shipment monitoring online track and trace system, their clients are assured of good customer care service.

A better job offer led me here to Kuwait and when I first sent a balikbayan box to my family back home in the Philippines, I was decided to coordinate with LBC Express WLL – Kuwait. I could say that like the LBC staff back home in the Philippines, LBC team here in Kuwait have more than enough experienced in handling customers from the moment they receive your transaction.

I will highly recommend LBC to anyone in need of a people-oriented, reliable and trustworthy courier for their documents, packages and balikbayan boxes.

– A letter from MC – OFW in Kuwait

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3 thoughts on “LBC Express according to an OFW in Kuwait

  1. Can I adk if where is the package sent by my father from Kuwait it is been morethan a month ago when you texted my number said that they can have a minor delay for the package to arrive, but why is it…LBC is very slow and actually become slower than sea cargo that my father used to sent package before..We feel so dissapointed with LBC because of that…


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