Kuwait’s Tourism, To Flourish Over The Years

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In the next 20 years, Middle East is predicted to experience a growth rate in tourism of up to six percent which exceeds 4. 1% , the average global growth during a time that most countries in the region are losing 8% of oncoming tourism as a result of wobbly political situation experienced by some countries.

Specifically in Kuwait, tourism could be dated back to the years before oil was discovered and living conditions where living conditions pushed Kuwaitis to travel for trade, usually to India. Then tourism in Kuwait continued when archaeological sites and ruins were sited in Failaka Island during the 40s and the access to the international airport was just about starting and Kuwait Airways Company was just setting up in the 1945.

Then, during the 1960s, tourism rose up when Kuwait Hotels was established in 1962 and got access to the World Tourism Organization in 1963. As a result of tis tourism kick-start, Infrastructures were then brought up for tourism in Kuwait projects including cinemas, sport clubs, Kuwait International Airport, road networks, chalets, and parks.

Local tourism in Kuwait was given more priority in the 1970s after Department of Tourism was established and an annual recreation was commissioned thus establishing recreational facilities and establishments. But during the beginning of 1981, tourism grew weak because of the unstable economic situation the country was experiencing.

Later in the 21st century, Kuwait reconsidered how tourism has been of great importance in promoting national identity, improving the country’s image, and raising awareness of the country’s rich heritage.

World Tourism issued a report on tourism in Kuwait and it showed that the rate of tourism in 2012 increased by 11.7% compared to the previous year.

Up to recent, tourism in the country accounts to the latest economic and technological developments the country is now experiencing. In more years to come, the country is hoping to maintain or even improve its tourism industry for the bright future of its next generations.


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