Kuwait Rental Law : Rent Issues for Expats in Kuwait

Expat workers in Kuwait whether single or with family are faced with numerous situations about rent issues. Regardless if they are familiar with the laws that govern rentals, expats find themselves confused when confronted with another situation.

Expats are also facing so
Expats are also facing some issues on rent. (q8propertycom)

Kuwait Rental Law has been in effect since 1978 and it aims to govern rental relationships between tenants and landlords for non-commercial use, mainly residences.

Situation 1:

I am paying KD 400 for my apartment rental but my agency wants to increase it to KD 500 next month. Is this legal?

Answer: You should review your contract. If KD 400 has been your rental for the last 5 years, then your rental agency can increase your rent. He can also increase your rent if you are paying less than the market price in your area. But if your contract is not yet 5 years and you have been paying based on the market price, then your rental agency cannot increase your rent.

Situation 2:

My actual rent is KD 500 but my landlord wants to put KD 700 on the rental contract & rental receipt. I don’t want to agree with this because the haris is the person I am having verbal communications with. The manager does not speak English. And because I don’t want to agree with them, the manager and haris do not want to accept my payment of rental. What should I do?

Answer: I do not see any logical reason for what your landlord wants to do with your rental issue. If they continue not to accept your payments, they can say that you have not been paying the actual amount based on contract. I suggest that you seek help of a friend who speaks Arabic so you can all be enlightened. If they still refuse to accept your payments, I suggest that you take court action so you can pay your rent.

Source: Kuwait Times Attorney Fajer Ahmed

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