Education in Kuwait

Education plays an important role in Kuwait’s development programs. The government has been quick to realize the necessity of improving the educational infrastructures, and oil has provided the money to do so.

The vast influx of foreigners into the State emphasized the need to keep abreast. The government of Kuwait realized that there is a need to provide a well-educated, resourceful local workforce for the future. Major programs for building schools and colleges of higher education were undertaken, thereby significantly raising the standards of education. Arab students are now found in the world’s most prestigious universities, particularly in the UK and USA, where their skills equal those of their counterparts from other countries.

Majority of expatriates in Kuwait choose private school education for their children because of the diversity in the system and the integration of core values to help develop a well-rounded student. English is the medium of instruction and most often these co-educational private schools offer a curriculum that is generally adaptable worldwide.

Most, if not all private schools have multi-cultural administration and teaching force. Although following a specific educational program, every teacher is expected to share the goodness of his own country in relation to teaching.

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