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Kuwait Holidays List For 2016


According to Ministry of Information, official holidays for 2016 in Kuwait


1st Jan 2016 Friday  – The Begining of New Year

2nd  Jan 2016 Saturday – Weekly Rest Day

3rd Jan 2016 Sunday – Instead of Friday

25 Feb 2016 Thursday – National Day Kuwait

26 Feb 2016 Friday – Kuwait Liberation Day

27th Feb 2016  Saturday – Weekly Rest Day

28th Feb 2016 Sunday – Instead of Friday

5th  May 2016 Thursday – Israa ‘Wal Ma’ raj

5th July 2016 Tuesday – Last Day of Ramadaan

6th July 2016 Wednesday – Eid Al Fitr

7th  Jul 2016 Thursday – 2nd Day of Eid

8th July 2016 Friday – 3rd Day of Eid

9th July 2016 Saturday – Weekly Rest Day

10th July 2016 Sunday – Instead of Friday

10th Sep 2016 Saturday – Waqfat Araft 

11th Sep 2016 Sunday – Eid Al Adha

12th Sep 2016 Monday – 2nd Day of Eid

13th  Sep 2016 Tuesday  – 3rd day of Eid

2nd  Oct 2016 Sunday  – The Begining of New Hijra Year (Islamic New Year)

11th Dec 2016 Sunday  – Birth of Propher Mohammed

Note : The dates of Islamic Events are subjected to change as per Islamic Calendar.

Source: Kuwait Local

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