Kuwait : Commission on Elections Guidelines on Overseas Voting

Below are COMELEC Guidelines on Voting, from the FB page of ConGen Atty. Raul H. Dado.

Guidelines on voting, overseas vote, Kuwait COMELEC: “Mainit ang labanan sa 2016, every vote counts.”

  1. The voting will begin on April 9 at 8 am and ends at 5pm everyday until May 8, at the Philippine Embassy in Faiha. On May 9, the last day, voting ends 12 noon Kuwait time, 5 pm Philippine time.
  2. Approach embassy personnel with COMELEC or Embassy ID. They will direct you to the polling booths. Look for your name in the corresponding polling booth.
  3. Fill the ballots at the polling booths.
  4. Choose your candidate by shading the oval before the candidate’s name.
  5. Shade the oval in full ; partial shading or no shading cannot be read by the machine.
  6. Choose one candidate for President, Vice-President and party list.
  7. Choose 12 candidates for Senator.
  8. If you choose more than 12 (over vote), the votes will not be counted, because the machine cannot recognize more than 12 votes for senator.
  9. But the votes for president, vice- president, and party list will be counted.
  10. If you choose less than 12 candidates for senator (under vote), for instance only 1-11 candidates, the ballot is still valid, but the machine will count 1-11 candidates only If you choose more than one President, Vice-President, or Party List, it will not also be counted. The machine will read the ballot as overvote. In other words, all over votes in any category will not be counted, but all under votes in any category can still be counted.
  11. The voter shall insert the ballot into the voting machine, wait for the print out of your vote. Only you can see this print out. Check if the machine read your votes correctly. The voter will put the print out in a special receptacle. No one else will see the print out.
  12. The voter shall leave the polling station immediately to make way for the next voter.
  13. You may not speak to watchers or other voters inside the polling stations in observance of the secrecy and integrity of the ballot. But the voter may speak to Embassy personnel for other concerns.
  14. Watchers and other observers (citizens) shall maintain proper decorum at all times.
  15. Watchers may also register protests as necessary.
  16. Filipino organizations shall be given accreditation forms, but because the polling space is limited, leaders may come or choose their representatives.

At all times, a legal team will assist you with your queries. Good luck with your candidates!
(Under election laws, the Embassy does not endorse any particular candidate.)


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