Kuwait – A Dream Country?

Skyscraper Buildings Kuwait
Photo by: Mohammad Mustafa

Most, if not all countries have ups and downs, the same goes to Kuwait – a small yet rich country. After the nightmare that brought by the neighboring Iraq, Kuwait now is positioning to regain her throne as the cultural and financial hub in the Gulf. And Kuwait must do a solid and genuine transformation to shine once again and become a dream country.

As Mr. Talal Al-Ghannam highlights some of them;

  • Solve the traffic problem.
  • Decent and clean public transportation.
  • Eliminate the ‘Wasta’ connection.
  • Respect every human being.
  • Keep the road safety.
  • Keep the environment and surroundings clean.
  • Treat every workers as part of the society and not merely slaves.
  • Jail illegal recruiters and agencies.

Read the complete Kuwait A Dream Country’ article of Mr. Talal Al-Ghannam at KuwaitTimes.

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