Kuwait 2013 Elections Concluded


Kuwait-court-scraps-poll_6-16-2013_105510_lToday’s Kuwait Elections 2013 turned out to be more successful compared to the previous elections. The turnout of votes was estimated to be 52.5% as compared to last year’s 40%. This result was deemed to be positive since polls were threatened by the opposition who called on to other registered voters to boycott the elections.

This Kuwait Elections 2013’s official results were shown today. Liberals, who weren’t part of the previous cabinet (and was dissolved because it had been found to have procedural flaws), won three parliamentary seats.

Also, the election results also show that the minority of Shia MPs in Kuwait have lost at least half of the seats during the 2nd election in just less than one year. Their candidates only won eight parliamentary seats, as compared to their record of 17 wins last December 2012 Elections.

Shia forms thirty percent of Kuwait’s total population of 1.2 million. Observers note that this year’s results turned to be a big blow among the Shia MPs.

The main winners, according to sources, of this Kuwait Elections 2013 are the tribal and Liberal groups, with the tribal groups maintaining their twenty four seats, according to reliable sources.

In spite of the scorching hot temperature of 45 degrees Centigrade (113 degrees Fahrenheit), this year’s voter turnout beat last year’s low turnout percentage. Reports say that the average turnout percentage in Kuwait every election is around 65%.

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