KRCS provides joy to occupants of social welfare houses on Eid Al-Fitr

Social welfare constitutes a major target for the Kuwaiti government. The Kuwaiti Government, which devotes particular attention to various aspects of the Kuwaiti people life, seeks to meet their diverse needs, cement national unity and fabric of the society. Kuwait realized the dimensions of social security as a social and humanitarian case. This urged it to early establish social systems through which it can guarantee a good source of income for those unable to work. The law of public aid and then the law of social security were issued to organize social security.

Dr. Barjas Al-BarjasThe Kuwaiti State 2013-2014 development strategy aims to achieve well-being of the society, sustainable development of the economy, human resources and institutions’ excellent performance. The strategy, aimed at establishing “collective economy,” is being executed in cooperation with international and international consultative houses.

The Director General of Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) and its members and volunteers understand the importance of  this community. Providing joy to occupants of social welfare houses is a must especially during the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr, said Director General of KRCS, Dr. Barjas Al-Barjas.
In a press release, Al-Barjas said that the social committee of the KRCS and volunteers visited social welfare houses as a step to provide joy and social solidarity to the occupants.He stressed that such sentiment was important to make sure that this sector of society was given much care, compassion, and attention.

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