Kabayan In Kuwait Netizens Congratulates Manny Paquiao

Kabayan in Kuwait News -Majority of social media users of Kuwait  congratulates  Manny Pacquiao beating American boxer Timothy Bradley through their status and timeline.

While, earlier in Philippines, Catholic church advised Filipinos to go to Mass before watching the televised Pacquiao versus Bradley, because it has been tradition now several Filipinos are expected to drop everything to watch the televised fight.

In Manila, many fans trooped to the Dapitan Sports Complex – one of several venues in the city showing the re match– as early as 8am, reported.

Other venues in Manila showing the Pacquiao-Bradley rematch for free include the sports complexes in San Andres, Del Pan and Tondo, the report said.

“I’ve waited two years for this [rematch]. It’s the perfect set-up, the perfect time.”

Typical of Pacquiao, owner of a 55-5 record with 38 KOs, the humble eight-time world champion shrugged off Bradley’s threat and simply said he’ll be ready for whatever the champion brings to the table.

“I’m ready for everything,” said the 35-year-old challenger. “I have a business to finish.”

“I need to win to prove that I can still fight. I’m not thinking negative.”

Pacquiao, a three-time Fighter of the Year and voted as the most accomplished boxer of the decade past, came in at a slim 145 pounds, while Bradley was a shade heavier at 145.5 pounds.

Believe it or  not most parts of the Philippines  are usually crime-free during the time faces an opponent in the ring.

Congratulations Manny Paquiao, OFWs are very proud of you!
Congratulations Manny Paquiao, OFWs are very proud of you!


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