June 12, National Day Celebration in Kuwait

June 12 - Philippine Independence Day
June 12 – Philippine Independence Day (source: Consul General Atty. Raul H. Dado)

(Kabayan, ang sumusunod ay mula sa FB post ng Consul General Atty. Raul H. Dado, tungkol sa gaganapin National Day ng Pilipinas sa June 12, dito sa Kuwait. Maaring paki basa po lamang ang buong post ng Consul General. Maraming Salamat po.)


” Always look on your countryman as more than a neighbor: you will find in him a friend, a brother and at least the companion to whom you are tied by only one destiny”

-Apolinario Mabini

The celebrations by the Embassy, Coalition and the Alliance offer a variety of events to celebrate our National Day. In this regard, the embassy offers its special thanks to the Alliance and the Coalition for their deep understanding and grand vision.

We lay down our fears and offer each other the gift of friendship that goes beyond time and place, and reminds us of our Filipino values of hospitality, kindness, warmth, spirituality, here and now, in Kuwait.

The June 12 events will highlight the week -long celebrations which begin on June 7, when there will be an open house and exhibit of our Filipino artists here, for all Filipinos in Kuwait.

The open house and exhibit, which welcome everyone to the Embassy as our true home, will last from June 7-10.

The short reception on June 9 will be for the diplomatic corps, who have been of great assistance to our country in the political field.

In the morning June 12, Filipino leaders will meet the new ambassador. In the afternoon, everyone is invited to all the Coalition and Alliance events.

We have small preferences which are mere choices based on the realities of our lives as individual human beings, with different jobs, status and personal responsibilities.

Therefore , we are bound to have different activities. Again, these activities are open to all.

The organizations are one in the daily advocacy of saving Filipinos in distress.

We Filipinos have never been as united as we are today in our humanitarian work in the face of realities of our lives in Kuwait.

In this rite of passage of nationhood and our continuing experience as a people in a foreign land, we strive in peace and harmony to understand and commit each other to each other’s care, heeding the words of Scriptures: that ” a house divided against itself shall not stand, and its own contentions and own discord will bring it down from a comfortable and flourishing situation into a very distressed one.”

And again in the words of our very own hero, Apolinario Mabini, in this Tenth Decalogue:

“Always look on your countryman as more than a neighbor: you will find in him a friend, a brother and at least the companion to whom you are tied by only one destiny, by the same happiness and sorrows, and by the same aspirations and interests.

Because of this, while the borders of the nations established and preserved by the egoism of race and of family remain standing, you must remain united to your country in perfect solidarity of views and interests in order to gain strength, not only to combat the common enemy, but also to achieve all the objectives of human life.”


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