5 Things NOT TO DO during a job interview

Job applicants can be confident ,honest and polite during an interview
Applicants can be confident ,honest and polite during a job interview.

It is a given fact that young college graduates are vastly familiar with most, if not all social media and often times they think that during job interviews it will be easy for them to “ace” the questions. However, being in front of an interviewer who is most definitely experienced in people skills, the fresh graduate may commit some mistakes (without him being aware of it) that may define his chance of being hired for the job.

Following are five most common mistakes by fresh graduates during their job interview;

1. Do not forget what kind of job you applied for.

Be sure to know what position you are applying for in the company. Once you learn that this company is hiring it is better if you can research about the job description and prepare yourself for possible questions from the interviewer.


2. Do not be rude or demanding.

Professionalism, kindness, politeness, these positive traits never waver when going for a job interview. Although you will surely meet other applicants from other colleges or universities, it is imperative that you must always maintain proper attitude. Do not be boastful of your scholastic achievements or show signs that you are superior to others.

Whether you meet a utility man, a receptionist or a person who looks like an executive, always be polite and wear a smile most especially if you are looking for directions to the offices. Honesty and confidence in answering questions are key factors to get hired for the job.


3. Do not neglect to research about the company and its products.

Researching about the company or organization can be done through online. Most have websites and pages in the social network sites. You can review their website thoroughly and understand what they stand for, their accomplishments, what and whom they cater to and even their officers and staff.

Be prepared to answer some questions that will test your knowledge about the organization you wish to belong to, how you may be an asset to the company and what you can offer and share for their future success.


4. Do not criticize or disagree with the company’s brand or culture.

Even if you think there is something that needs change as per company logo or shout out, do not specifically say it to the interviewer. You must learn that the moment the company was “conceived” by the founders, they have their vision and their mission – two inseparable statements that define their company.

If you want to be a part of their company you must learn to appreciate, love their brand, fit into their culture, work towards their vision and expound on their mission.


5. Do not tell a different story about your true self.

Some fresh graduates like to tell stories to make them look good or to show how important they are for the position. They tend to forget that interviewers have seen almost all kinds of job applicants and differentiating a hoax from a true person is quite easy for company executives.

The best way to come for a job interview is to be yourself. You can be confident enough but not to the point of becoming boastful or egoistic. Do not forget that being a fresh college graduate means you have little experience in the workplace so there is more time to learn and learning starts with getting hired for your dream job.


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