Interview: MAKULAY Artist Mariam Raed

Kuwait is a melting pot of cultures and more often than not, a meeting of two distinct persons inevitably turns into love and finally, marriage. In its simplicity, this is how we introduce the beautiful MAKULAY (Malikhaing Kulturang Layag) Artist, Miss Mariam Raed.

For Mariam Raed, Art is a form of personal expression of one's ideas and feelings.
For Mariam Raed, Art is a form of personal expression of one’s ideas and feelings. (photo: Mariam Raed’s own)

Mariam’s father is Palestinian and her mother, Filipino. Mariam was born in Farwaniyah and is Grade 11 at Philippine International English School (PIES) at Fahaheel. She recently celebrated her 18th birthday that has been well attended and much talked about.

Following is her answers to the interview;

  1. What types of art do you prefer? – Any type. As long as I can create what I can with interest and with all my heart.
  2. How long have you been an artist? – I have been doing art since I was a kid.
  3. Do you have a purpose for your arts? – Yes! I have a lot of purpose for my arts. It’s either for a cause, for charity, for fun and I believe it’s also for expressing feelings and emotions.
  4. Who or what is your inspiration in your artistry? – My mom and nature are both my inspiration in my artistry.
  5. Best thing about being an artist? – I can sometimes draw the picture or express my ideas through sketching and painting.
  6. Downside of being an artist. – There are less views of nature to be inspired from.
  7. Who is your art model? – My beautiful mom. She’s my first, my one and only inspiration.
  8. How did your work progress in time? – Through practice, hard work and determination.
  9. Some people may interpret your art differently. How do you handle such? – Well, I know that everyone has a different point of view, opinion and ideas. I handle such situations with patience and understanding.
  10. Best advice for being an artist. – Always be positive, have fun being an artist and never stop being creative.

    Among her artwork from the left most corner - Roses, Mother and Child and vase,
    Among her artworks from the left most corner – painting of roses, Mother and Child and vase. (photo credit to owner)


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