Interior Ministry on Personnel Traveling and Recruiting

moiThe Ministry of Interior is studying the possibility of requiring its personnel who are not on annual leave to obtain ‘official clearance’ before they can be allowed to travel abroad, reports Al-Shahid daily. Sources were quoted as saying the study aims to enforce discipline among the military personnel, indicating disciplinary measures will be taken against those who decline to comply with the decision if and when it is finally approved. They noted that this policy is already implemented in the Ministry of Defense and National Guard, and the final decision will be announced in the next period when the study is concluded.
Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry is getting ready to recruit some 700 GCC nationals born to Kuwaiti mothers who were selected a month ago to join the military corps, reports Al-Rai daily. Security sources were quoted as saying the list of names of these applicants was issued by SaadAl-AbdullahAcademy for Security Sciences and referred to the office of the Deputy Premier, Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohamed Al-Khalid.

Meanwhile, the Interior Minister will not expedite the reshuffling and appointment procedures until the ministry structure is re-organized, indicating the minister will follow-up the sector activities in the next two months to determine the weak spots before carrying out any appointment or restructuring.

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