Increase of Medical Fees for Expats and Visitors Takes Effect on October 1st

Increase of Medical Fees for Expats and Visitors Takes Effect on October 1st

Effective October 1, 2017 the Ministry of Health in Kuwait has increased the medical fees for expats and visitors.


Below are the fees for expats who pay the annual health insurance;



Getting medical treatment from KD 1 to KD 2.


Public Hospitals

Getting medical treatment from KD 2 to KD 5. Outpatient clinics from KD 2 to KD 10. Stay at the Intensive care Unit (ICU) which is presently free, will cost 50 per day. Stay in public wards which is also currently free, will cost KD 10 per day. Deposit for private room is KD 200. Fees include receiving medical treatment at outpatient clinics, medications, regular laboratory tests and regular x-rays. Fees for surgeries are not included.


Public Maternity Hospitals

Checkups KD 10 while delivery which is presently free will cost KD 50. Included in this medical package are laboratory tests, medication, ultrasound, delivery and hospital stay for 3 nights. For each additional night the patient will pay KD 10 for public ward and KD 50 for private room. Apart from the private room, all the mentioned services are presently free.


Open heart surgeries, diagnostic catheterization, will cost KD 90 and each stent will cost KD 250. Medical laboratories, laboratory tests and hospital stay in relation to surgery are not included.

These are the fees for Visit Visa holders here in Kuwait, effective October 1, 2017;



Getting treatment cost KD 10. Not included are laboratory tests, medication and x-rays.


Public Hospitals

Getting treatment costs KD 20, outpatient clinics will be KD 30, stay in public wards KD 70 per day, stay at Intensive Care Unit (ICU) will be KD 220 per day, physiotherapy for patients confined at the hospital costs KD 30 per session, private room KD 130 per day, deposit for private room KD 300 and KD 150 for public ward.


In case the visitor needs major surgery, he / she will be charged KD 500, medium risk surgery KD 300, minor surgery KD 200, while surgery that needs specialized skills of doctors in the huge amount of KD 600. Kidney stone fragmentation will be KD 150 per session, outpatient one day surgery at KD 100. Maternity check up costs KD 30 and natural delivery KD 400.


Please be informed.

Source: KuwaitTimes

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