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Increase of different fees for expats seen

Expatriate workers in Kuwait are expected to comply with different increase in fees.
Expatriate workers in Kuwait are expected to comply with different increase in fees.

Minister Hind Al-Subaih of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, who is also the State Minister for Planning and Development, recently signed a new legal decision that will directly affect expatriate workers here in Kuwait.

Effective June 1st, charge for first time work permit from KD 2 will be raised to KD 50; renewal of work permit is from KD 2 to KD 10. Fees for transfer of work permit (residence or change of employer) from KD 10 to KD 50.

Since there are no strict monitoring done and stiff penalties for employers, majority of them force their workers to pay these fees that greatly burden expats. The Public Authority for Civil Information increased charges for civil IDs from KD 2 to KD 5 from the beginning of April. Several other charges are expected to be raised soon.

The Financial and Economic Affairs Committee of the National Assembly also recently amended a draft bill for raising power charges in which the expatriate population, the commercial sector and government offices will comply with the raise in fees. Exempted from this are all Kuwaitis in both private homes and apartments, as well as the agricultural and industrial sectors, according to MP Mohammad Al-Jabri.

Aside from the exemption from increase, private homes of Kuwaitis will only be charged at 2 Fils per kilowatt regardless of consumption.

To be continued.

Source: Kuwait Times / B. Izzak




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