Increase in different fees for expats seen Part 2

Increase in fees for expats is another challenge for OFWs.
Increase in fees for expats is another challenge for OFWs here in Kuwait.

Power charges increase for expatriates:

5 Fils per kilowatt for the frist 1,000 kilowatts

10 Fils per kilowatt for between 1,000 and 2,000 kilowatts

15 Fils per kilowatt for any consumption above 2,000 kilowatts

Proposed start of new charges: 15 months from the issuance of the Law

The winter months may not see a significant increase in what expatriates pay for power charges but the summer months are expected to increase heavily because of air-conditioning usage.

The government has plans to reduce subsidies for petrol so it may increase its prices by over 50 percent.  There are mixed plans about ways on making a deal with Kuwaiti motorists while a proposal to exempt citizens from any increase in petrol prices and another proposal for paying them cash assistance as compensation for the raise.

There are speculations that goods and services might increase too causing inflation rates to balloon as well, but according to Minister Youssef Al-Ali from Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Assembly has already issued a decision to ban any temporary increase in goods and services without permit from the Ministry, following the increase in petrol and power charges.

Source: Kuwait Times / B. Izzak

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