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In Response to Mounting Queries, part 3

Third Part of In Response to Mounting Queries
Third Part of In Response to Mounting Queries

(From Consul General Atty. Raul H. Dado social media page, posted June 19, 2015.)


  1. LEGAL QUESTIONS on the names of organizations will have to be finally settled upon registration at the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), whether these organizations are profit or non-profit.
  2. The SEC decision, coming from the primary agency concerned ( SEC) , can bind the Embassy.
  3. The SEC has Quasi-judicial powers, meaning that they can act like courts to decide on certain matters like names of organizations or corporations.
  4. The Embassy has no Judicial or Quasi-judicial powers. It can’t decide on issues like names of organizations.
  5. The Embassy has Executive powers, which is to ASSIST and ADVISE all Filipinos in Kuwait whenever necessary.

6.The establishment of the Embassy Advisory Council is in accordance with this principle.

  1. At the moment, the Embassy recognizes ONLY the following names as agreed upon by the Council: Alliance, Coalition, and by implication, Others. This agreement was made in good faith.
  2. Thus, the use of the term “FIL Com” by anyone is internal to them.
  3. In this regard, the 190,000 total OFW population in Kuwait as defined by Kuwait immigration, is the Filipino community.
  4. All Filipino organization members in Kuwait, compared to this total population, are actually the minority.
  5. But even if this is so , all Filipino organizations have greatly assisted in helping Filipinos who are in need.
  6. For all of us, Embassy and Filipino Organizations and our teams, this is our most important mission.
  7. For this, we express our gratitude and admiration for everyone helping in this advocacy.


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