In Response to Mounting Queries, part 2

Part 2 of Consul General Atty. Raul H. Dado's answers to queries.
Part 2 of Consul General Atty. Raul H. Dado’s answers to queries.

(Following is the post of Consul General Atty. Raul H. Dado  on his social media page dated June 15, 2015 )


The MOU signed by some organizations on June 12 was an MOU between those organizations flocking together under their own umbrella .

It is not an MOU with the Embassy.

Being public officials, the Consul General and the Labor Attache only signed as witnesses. No embassy or POLO announcements were made.

The Alliance and the Coalition form part of the Embassy Advisory Council and are recognized and called by the Embassy as such.

They each have their own umbrellas binding their own individual organizations, and for this reason can enter into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) or a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for their own legitimate purposes.

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