Important Information Related to all Medical Problems and Emergencies


Below are some informations that shared by Mr. Hengie V. Taton, President of Pinoy Ambulance Nurses in Kuwait (PANIK) and Pinoy Nurses in Kuwait (PNA), related to all medical problems and emergencies on where to go and what to do.

IN case of emergency call No. 112 (Ambulance, Police and Fire Department) FREE OF CHARGE.

Here are few things that we have to KNOW AND CONSIDER:

Always bring your CID during the check up or at all times.If in case not available, have your passport with the visa on it or the xerox copy of the temporary visa. Be sure it’s not expired, that’s a different story at alam nyu na ang mangyayari.

There are 142 government clinics in Kuwait. You can visit this clinics based on the address that you have on your CID. DON’T BASE on your present location. Ibig sabihin, kung saan ka naka address sa CID mo doon ka pupunta at hindi dahil dyan ka naka tira. To avoid hassle and over spending sa pamasahe, you better change your CID address kung saan ka nakatira ngayun, dahil sa LOCALIZATION na pina patupad and the sad thing they will not accommodate you.

if you are not feeling well for any reason, visit the clinic for consultation and don’t self medicate. After the consultation, if the doctor requires further investigations they will give you referral to the hospital or if it requires emergency assistance, they will call for an ambulance for you.

There are 6 main government hospitals. This hospitals are implementing some rules and criteria that needs to be followed, thus doesn’t make the hospital be crowded with simple and non emergency cases. That’s why clinics are provided for you.

In case na punta kayo derecho sa hopital and after the Nurses in the reception get the necessary information and you doesn’t fit as hospital case, they will advice you to the CLINIC kung saan ka na address. Huwag sumama ang loob ninyo dahil yan ang rules na sinusunod lang nila.

Huwag ninyo sila awayin, dahil naka salalay din ang trabaho nila pag binali ang patakaran.
Minsan kasi tayo, amininin man natin o hindi matigas din ang mga ulo. Ilang days nang may lagnat dI pa pupunta ng clinic antayin pa na lumala at dederecho sa hospital.

There are hundreds of ambulance spread all around the 6 governorates and it’s sub stations. if you feel that you are in an emergency situation, just dial EMERGENCY HOTLINE 112. This is FREE of Charge.

Give them your complete address: Block #, Street #, Building or House # or any landmarks to make it easier for them to find you. or let someone waiting down stairs or outside the building to guide the emergency staff.

There are FILIPINO NURSES working in the department ready to assist you.

Attached is the list of all the clinics in 6 governorate around Kuwait. They’re open from 8am -12 MN.

Dial 112 Medical and Emergency Information
List of Hospitals and Clinics around Kuwait.

Updated list of the clinic with 24Hours services and open on weekends will be posted soon by Mr. Taton


If you have some questions, feel free to ask him thru his Facebook account.

Please be guided accordingly.

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