How to Stay Healthy during Summer in Kuwait

How to Stay Healthy during Summer in Kuwait

The weather in Kuwait these days is very warm and sultry, and getting sick seems unavoidable. As expats and breadwinners, it is tough for us to get sick because we have work responsibilities to do. Beside, our families back home are worried when we get sick because we are far away from them.

Some of heat related sickness are heat stroke (dizziness and fainting), heat exhaustion (easily feeling tired), heat cramps (sore and painful muscles) and heat rash (skin allergy). So let us take care of ourselves more during this very, very hot and humid weather by following these tips;

1. Drink water more often.

Water is the best fluid intake for everyone. It has natural elements good for the body. Drinking water often helps body organs function very well.

2. Use fruits or vegetables to flavor your water.

Sometimes people like to drink water that has flavor. Add a slice or 2 slices of fruits like lemon, strawberry, orange or a slice or slices of cucumber.

3. Always bring a water bottle with you.

If you have a clean, reusable water bottle near you, it is automatic that you can remind yourself to drink even if you are not thirsty. It cools down your body temperature.

4. Freeze some water bottles the night before.

In case the following day you need to go out for some errand, a long drive or bus ride perhaps, bring the freeze water bottles with you. Cool fluids help your thirst and keep you alert because you are hydrated very well.

5. Avoid alcoholic and sugary beverages.

During summer months like these, do not drink alcoholic and sugary beverages. Cool beer sounds nice but the effects of alcohol will make you a lot warmer while sugary beverages add calories to your weight.

6. Try to drink sparkling water.

There are good brands of sparkling water that you can buy in convenience stores, groceries and supermarkets. You can try this too. It is also part of a healthy diet.

7. Sports drink during exercise and outdoor activities.

There will always be people who love to visit the gym or go jogging, biking even if it is summer and the heat is on.  Do not forget to take sports drink while doing exercises and outdoor activities.

8. Eat more water-filled fruits and vegetables.

During the summer you can try to eat more of the following fruits and vegetables that are water-filled; celery, coconut, cucumber, grapefruit, orange, radish, spinach, watermelon and zucchini to name a few.

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