How to Recycle Christmas Stuff?

How to Recycle Christmas Stuff?

Christmas is a time for gifts covered in beautiful Christmas wrappers and even laces, ribbons and bows. There are also pretty paper bags and plastic bags.

It is a waste to throw them, right? How do you recycle Christmas wrappers, ribbons, laces, bows, paper and plastic bags?

1. Bows, laces and ribbons.

You can keep them in a shoe box where these will stay neat. You can use them as decors for school projects or use them again for future gift giving. You can also use these for house decors.


2. Boxes.

You can disassemble and keep them or stock them for future use. You can also keep things in them to be organized.


3. Christmas cards.

In this electronic times, some people are still using the old school of sending greetings – Christmas cards. So, if you happens to receive a greeting card/s, then you can make them as ornaments on your indoor Christmas tree or Christmas decors in your homes. You can also use them as decors in making scrap books.


4. Christmas paper and plastic bags.

You can always use them anytime to carry things. And if you are an artsy type of person, then you can throw some paint on it to make them a bit of uniqueness.


5. Christmas wrappers.

Do not tear them up. You can carefully fold them and recycle for next gift-giving or use as notebook covers.

Have a Blessed Season mga Kabayan!

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