How many  OFWs  (Overseas Filipino Workers) now  are there?  This  number keeps on increasing as more and more Filipinos seek financial fullfilment outside of the country.

If you are planning  to be an Overseas Filipino worker (OFW) then one of the first things that you must do is to ensure that the agency you plan to send or have sent an application to is licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). 

A land-based or sea-based agency with an active POEA license means that it is allowed by the Philippine law to recruit Filipino 
workers for overseas jobs. Checking the status of a recruitment agency decreases your chance of being a victim of illegal recruitment as saying goes on “MAG-INGAT SA ILLEGAL NA RECRUITER”. 

But there are several Filipinos who apply for work abroad who also end up as victims of fake recruitment agencies. Everyday, thousands fall to predator  promises of overseas employment.

How can you check if an agency offering a job abroad is legal or licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA)?

One simple way to do this is to check the POEA list of Philippine recruitment agencies.

Take note of two things in the list: (1) the Status of the employment agency and (2) the License Validity.

Please  follow instruction below;

With regard to Status, be wary of agencies whose current standing with the POEA are  Cancelled, Preventive Suspension, Delisted or Forever Banned.  You may find out some applicants  in the past probably encountered problems with them and it would be risky if you transact with them now. You should also be aware because some change only there Business License name for the sake of securing new license.

Although those with Good Standing status are reputable at present, there is no reason to give your  trust to these companies from keeping this status forever. That’s why we need  to be vigilant and cautious when dealing with recruitment agencies. Inquiring with the POEA about the latest status of your employment agency is just click away and whether there are pending cases against them can help you identify problems.

License Validity tells you the duration of a company’s license registration with the POEA. If you’re transacting with an agency with an expiring license, inquire if they are already renewing it. Double-check this with the POEA as well.


Here is is how to check license status of recruitment agencies,  Simply enter the name of the agency and click Submit.

1st click this link

and you will see the same picture below and then enter the name of  the recruitment agency and click submit.



The status of recruitment agencies displayed here is based on the record taken from the POEA website with up to date post.

The status of an agency may range from good standing, ceased operation, delisted, revoked cancelled or suspended. The result displayed is valid only on the day it was searched because the status of an agency may change any time. Applicants are advised to regularly check this page to be updated with the latest POEA status of an agency. 

You can also check the status of a recruitment agency by calling the POEA hotline numbers at 722-1144 and 722-1155. 




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