How to Apply for Family Visa in Qatar

How to Apply for Family Visa in Qatar

Qatar is one of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries that offers a high standard of living for its expat population. Due to the huge number of expat population in the country, English is the most commonly used language. If you can speak simple, conversational English, you will not find any problem living and working in Qatar.

There is quality education from many private international schools and although the fees are expensive, there are many private companies that give schooling allowances for their employees’ child / children. For transportation, there are taxis and buses that can take you around the capital Doha and all the other cities in the country. Shopping and entertainment are tops as well, with all the souks, malls and dining places.

The Ministry of Interior has released the requirements for expats who want to apply for Family Visa for their loved ones. If you are a male expat working in the private sector, you should have a good profession and should earn the salary from QR 7,000 to QR 10,000. Women with Qatari residency permit can bring their husbands and children to live with them as long as they follow the same rule.

Residency visa for parents follow the similar requirements of family visa but the applicant must confirm that he/she is the breadwinner of the parents. His or her profession should also qualify to certain categories.

It should also be expected that the Ministry of Interior (Qatar) does not contradict the provisions about entry or/and exit and residency of expats.

Source: Qatar day

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