Hope for Amnesty this coming Eid – The Plain Truth About Amnesty

Hope for Amnesty this coming Eid – The Plain Truth About Amnesty


FILIPINOS IN KUWAIT: Since the start of the Holy Month of Ramadan and up to this writing, we’ve noticed that our Facebook page and news accounts were bombarded with inquiries about rumors that the Kuwait Ministry of Interior will grant amnesty not only to our Kababayans but also on all visa violators.

The TRUTH is, the Kuwait Authorities had no announcement yet regarding the said amnesty to all residency violators, the said news that being circulated in social media is fake.

Although Kuwait government have a soft spot on all expatriates (proven on the past years) and always willing to give amnesty to residency violators not only Filipinos but also to all nationalities.

Moreover, as far as news is concern, there’s no announcement from the authorities regarding the amnesty, maybe in the near future (InshaAllah).

According to news report, officials in Kuwait is not far away in thinking the idea of giving an amnesty period. As of their records, there are more or less 100,000 visa violators in Kuwait and about 10,000* plus are Filipinos (**records can be obtain from PE).

And if God’s will, amnesty happens, OFWs who lives illegally in Kuwait will have the following options; Pay fines, and leave the country without being blacklisted, however, these may still vary on different violations they are facing.

The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait and the POLO-OWWA has consistently been giving assistance to all our kababayans who have issues with their illegal stay in Kuwait, and believe it, they are doing their best for speedy processing of their documents, so that every OFW can travel safely back to our country. The embassy also urge all community members not to fall prey on such misleading information that could hurt you and your fellow OFW.

Once again, our embassy advises to all Filipino in Kuwait to abide the laws and regulations of the country to stay legal.

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