Home bound to the Philippines for less than 20 Filipino children

Undocumented Filipino children were repatriated to the Philippines recently.
Undocumented Filipino children were repatriated to the Philippines recently. (Times Kuwait)

In a joint cooperation between the Kuwait government and Philippine Embassy in Kuwait, less than 20 undocumented young Filipino children, some of them infants, have been flown home to the Philippines recently.

Most of these undocumented children are born out of wedlock, while some have no residence visa upon the expiration of their parents’ visa, some have non-Filipino fathers who have been deported to their home country, leaving the Filipino mother and child in Kuwait with neither legal status nor documents.


The undocumented children were accompanied by His Excellency Renato Pedro O. Villa, Philippines Ambassador to Kuwait, Assistance to Nationals Unit (ATNU) team headed by Philippine Social Welfare Attache Nilda Oliva, Case Officer Salahodin Tomas Magayan and Kuwait Immigration Officials. The group for repatriation did not pass through the deportation center but directly to Kuwait International Airport, where they were assisted too at the check in counter.

It is rather unfortunate that some kabayans / Filipinos experience unconventional family settings, children born without the parents getting married for some reasons. Piece of unsolicited advice in these cases, your child has the right to a home where acceptance and love abound, the right to have a name and nationality, the right to grow up free from discrimination because of the current family situation. Be responsible for your actions. Your child did not choose to be born under the circumstances you made yourself.

The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait encourages all parents, guardians of undocumented children in Kuwait to come forward and register at the shelter in Hateen. Travel documents and clearance will be processed accordingly. Philippine Embassy Hateen Shelter’s address is Block 2, Street 217, Villa 42 or you may call the embassy repatriation hotline +96598005115 for all the requirements.

Source: Times Kuwait


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