Government Bodies Discuss Execution Of Contingency Plan

govt meetingThe Deputy Prime Minister, Interior Minister and Chairperson of the Higher Defense Committee Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled Al- Sabah presided over the coordinating meeting of members of the committee and representatives of all concerned ministries, agencies and government departments to discuss the method of executing contingency plans, says the Interior Ministry. Sheikh Al-Khaled pointed out that the Council of Ministers recommends every concerned organ to be prepared and take precautionary measures to protect citizens and expatriates, according to the contingency plans. Participants at the meeting presented various contingency plans, as well as alternative plans and level of preparedness to the minister, including tests and practices conducted on assumption of possibilities, so that the country will not be caught unawares.

He told participants that the activities of Civil Defense Committee will continue steadily to complement those plans and preparations. Chairperson of the National Assembly Legislative Committee MP Mubarak Al-Hurais said the committee approved many recommendations some lawmakers presented at their last meeting. He said the recommendations included increase of housing loan, children allowance and rent allowance, adding the bills were referred to the concerned committees after approval.

He noted the committee approved the proposed increase in housing loan from KD 70,000 to KD 100,000, explaining whoever benefited from the KD 70,000 loan could also take KD 30,000 for expansion and renovation works. Meanwhile, the members approved children allowance to KD 100, and rent allowance from KD 150 to KD 250, while the committee has officially submitted five priorities to the National Assembly Office. He noted the priorities will be specified during the next meeting on Tuesday.

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