GCC Schengen Visa Project Conditions

visaappOn the mechanism for obtaining visas, sources said it could be issued from the GCC embassies in other countries for both Arabs and foreigners, but terms and conditions apply. The conditions require all applicants to share their financial status, as well as social and professional position to prevent entry of beggars or marginal workers and the possibility of transferring tourist visas to work permits, and any other form of manipulation.

They reiterated the project will facilitate tourism in GCC countries while boosting their economy, particularly in real estate, aviation and marketing sectors. The proposal for implementing the GCC Schengen visa project, which was identified as a Kuwaiti idea from the beginning, has been supported by some MPs who see it as an opportunity to a GCC integration in the aspects of economy and unified currency. MP Kamel Al-Awadhi said he was the one who had prepared the project plan for the GCC Schengen visa while he was working as an officer in the Ministry of Interior.

He indicated that he had presented the project plan to the ministry undersecretary at that time Captain Ahmad Al-Rujeib. He revealed that the latter had taken him to a meeting with the undersecretaries of GCC ministries to present the project, adding that he is glad the project will be implemented soon. Al-Awadhi said the project will serve a large segment of the GCC community particularly the traders, adding that he has all the details related to the project.

On the other hand, MP Mubarak Al-Hurais said the project is not new, as a group of economists had suggested it ten years ago. He added that the project will be fruitful if it results in economic unity. He indicated that the project will reduce the dependence on oil, adding that it should mainly benefit traders who contribute to the success of the GCC market.

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