Frequent Power Cuts in Kuwait Due to Negligence of Security

You might have watched or read this news in Kuwait and even noticed about recent frequent power losses and cuts during this holy month of Ramadan in Kuwait. You might have thought that it was maybe ecause of the functional or technical deficiencies the electric plant is suffering from. However, it has been found out that this wave of electricity cuts was due to utter negligence and slackness of the Ministry of Electricity and Water, letting copper cable muggings slip by. This series of power losses and cuts caused a large loss in the public funds according to ministry sources.

It is the ministry’s responsibility to secure power plants and install them with a much more serious monitoring and security system in order to warn security agencies of impending thefts. Also, according to sources, new security cameras and locks are the ones only needed to be installed in power transformers that will link directly to monitoring departments to be able to send reports of theft immediately and take immediate action.

This news in Kuwait has also caused some electoral candidates (special mention to Abdulaziz Al-Ibrahim) this Kuwait Elections 2013 to making their vows about grilling the Ministry of Electricity and Water when they get parliamentary seats in the new formation of the cabinet.

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry reacted to this issue and reprimanded the Ministry of Electricity for not having reliable security systems and even delaying reports of thefts.

Hopefully, before this season of Ramadan ends, this ongoing problem would be shed some light and treated with immediate and sufficient solution despite the tension caused by this year’s Kuwait Elections 2013.

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One thought on “Frequent Power Cuts in Kuwait Due to Negligence of Security

  1. The electricity power cuts maybe in connection/celebrating Ramadan? Uh oh, just kidding. Hopefully, it will be resolved very soon. I’ll pray for the cut-offs that it will be back to the normal, just like what you said, hopefully before Ramadan ends. Also, happy voting in Kuwait soon! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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