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Foreign Journalists, Optimistic on This Year’s Voters Turnout

naForeign journalists and international academicians who have visited the country to scoop some news in Kuwait about the Kuwait Elections 2013 are being optimistic about the voter’s turnout of this year to increase.

A foreign Ph. D. student, Kristen Kao from the University of California, Los Angeles said, “I think there will be somewhat more turnout this time which I think is good. More participation is always better in elections…” Kao visited the country as one of the many foreign academicians who have been given invitation to monitor this Kuwait Elections 2013 for its fourteenth legislative term.

“Kuwait is to be commended for having one of the liveliest political cultures and also most participatory in the Gulf, for sure, and in the wider Middle East to some extent as well and it’s very lively, also, in the fact that they [the Kuwaiti Government] experiment a lot,” she added, sharing about her opinion about the Kuwaiti government.

The most recent legislative elections, which were held last December 2012 had a register of a 43% voters turnout. This low turnout percentage was due to the opposition’s call to boycott the elections, as protest against the one-man-one-vote system. However, this year’s elections is hoped to be more successful since the majority no longer has a good reason to boycott this Kuwait Elections 2013. Also, for the sake of the minority who might want to skip voting on their ballots, officials encourage everyone to participate in the elections for the future of Kuwait and for the good of the people and the government.


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