Fine KD 5 and Civil IDs will be Cancelled if they are not Collected within Specified Time

identification card

According to Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) Director-General Musa’ed Al-Assousi, citizens and expats will be fine for KD 5 if they are failed to collect their Civil IDs five months after its issuance, Al Rai Daily reports.

Director-General Musa’ed Al-Assousi also said that Civil IDs will be cancelled if they are not collected within ‘specified’ time. He also that added their are 160,599 civil IDs still waiting to be collected by their owners. He disclosed that it costs the PACI a lot of money to print these ID cards because they are produced in accordance with the highest international security standards.

You can check the validity of your Bataka / Civil ID status at

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