Filipinos in Kuwait star in Battle of the Bands

KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait- Talented Filipinos in Kuwait showcased their music

(photo credit to Pnoy talents q8 FB page)
(photo credit to Pnoy talents q8 FB page)

prowess in Battle of the Bands brought by P-Noy Talents Q8, April 12.

The activity was held at Asia Asia Royal Hall in Al Watiya Complex, Kuwait City, and started at 4:00 PM.

The panel of judges included: Mr. Michael Santos, Mr. Kamal Amin, Mr. Roosevelt Devera, Mr. John Lozano, and Ms. Theta Pineda De Guzman.

There were seven bands which participated in the contest and they were as follow: (1) Lilium Band (2) Abandoned Band (3) Blue Chords Band (4) Quartala Band (5) Brown Rabbits Band (6) Passenger’s Band and (7) Evolution 9 Band.

Aside from the bands, the PTQ Teen Talents and Biritan Finalists also wowed the audience with  their production numbers.

Here are the results of the contest:


Minor Awards:

Best in drums-  – Quartala Band

Best in Guitar-  Abandoned Band

Best in Bass – Abandoned Band

Best in Vocals- Abandoned Band

Darling of the Crowd – Blue Chords Band


Major Awards:

Champion- Abandoned Band

1st runner up- Quartala Band

2nd runner up- Lilium Band


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