Filipinos in Kuwait conduct Beach Clean Up Drive

filipinos in KuwaitSALMIYA, Kuwait- OFWs conducted Beach Clean Up Drive April 26 for the Philippine Labor Day.

The Filipino communities, in cooperation with the Philippine Embassy and POLO-OWWA Kuwait, held the environment friendly drive at the Mc Donald’s seaside in Salmiya.

The program, which started at 7:00 A.M. was filled with fun activities. It was started with the welcome remarks, which was followed by exercise. The speech of Consul General of Kuwait Raul Dado formally welcomed everyone. Labor Attache David des Dicang also present and did not miss the chance to encourage everyone.

The event was supported and attended by many Filipinos in Kuwait.

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11 Thoughts to “Filipinos in Kuwait conduct Beach Clean Up Drive”

  1. I just realized that May 1 as Labor Day is recognized as a holiday in many countries. It’s good that Filipinos still find the time to serve the community even if they are free to spend this day to do other personal hobbies.

  2. The blood of service of Filipinos transcends in all corner of the world! Great job Kuwait Pinoy!

  3. Kudos to all kabayans in Kuwait who have participated the clean up drive in celebration for Labor’s Day instead of shouting across the streets.

  4. Gigi Beleno

    Cheers to all our “kababayans” who participated in this activity. Its good to know that any where we are, we can be proud of ourselves.

  5. this is really great. i hope pinoys in the country do this often.

  6. We do that in Qatar too. It is a great feeling that you are one of the volunteers who helped cleaned up the beach.

  7. Good job .. even if far away from home, Filipinos still showcase their love for the environment…

  8. Bayanihan nga naman, kahit saan ilagay ang mga Filipino iba talaga pag may pusot diwa. Cheers to all Filipino out there great job keep it up..

  9. This is really heart-warming to read! I’m very proud to see that even abroad, Filipinos do not forget to give back to Mother Nature and the environment they live in!

  10. Going to a beach-cleanup event sounds like fun! Makes me want to fly to Kuwait and help. 🙂

  11. Good job kabayans! Thats bonding time and public service done in one event.

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