Filipinos and bahala na

We can do away with the so called "bahala na" attitude of the Filipinos.
We can do away with the so called “bahala na” attitude of the Filipinos.

Filipinos have an attitude which we term as “bahala na”. Students reviewing for an examination and later on taking the examination itself, when asked if they passed it or not, their answer is mostly “bahala na”. While it is true that expecting too much sometimes lead to disappointment, still, it is better if the student has reviewed very well. Exams in school are achievement that must be gained through diligence and honesty.


Filipinos from the work force whether professional or skilled carelessly show this “bahala na” attitude too. When given a rather difficult task, some ponder how to do it, while others just think and say “bahala na” – for as long as it gets done. Considering their age and work experience, Filipinos from the work force may refrain from this “bahala na” attitude. They can always strive to do their best in each task, simple, complicated or even complex as it is.


When making decisions in an organization or group, it is not always wise to go with the majority decision because you think “bahala na”. What if the majority decision is not the best decision, so far? Will you just go with the flow? It is better if we let our voice be heard, our idea be known to the group. Weigh the pros and the cons and then cast votes.


Filipinos are hardworking and fearless of the consequences. It is about time that we should set our foot down and choose. We can do away with this “bahala na” attitude and mentality. We can start with our self, by giving everything that we do our best shot!

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