What is Filipino Time?

Do you know what Filipino time is?
Do you know what Filipino time is?

We definitely know what American time is all about. They say this is punctuality, coming right on time, on the dot. If you are late, now one is going to wait for you. You will be left behind if you do not come on the expected time. Now, what is Filipino time?

On invites to gatherings, the time of event is usually printed an hour ahead of the planned time to start the celebration. Why is this so? Because the host will most like say “Filipino time. Guests don’t arrive early.” But what if some guests do arrive early that the rest? Must they wait for the program to start even if the participants are not yet ready? Must they be patient in waiting? Most likely.

The main reason for this so called Filipino time is our patience. We are patient enough to wait for a few minutes, even for 30 minutes because we think it is very rude of us to leave this person and go on. When we are faced with trials, we pray incessantly for blessings, for graces, for continued Divine Guidance. We patiently wait for the answers to our prayers, the solutions to our problems, the happiness to cure our heartaches. It is good to patiently wait, but we must also consider the other aspects of life and the other people affected by this.

We can improve this Filipino time of almost being late to our appointments by keeping in mind that not all people have the opportunity to while away time. Many people we interact with also need to keep schedules, meetings, reservations. We can start by thinking how we would feel if someone purposely comes in late when in fact, we are also very busy. Let us put ourselves in their shoes.

After today, let us try to change what Filipino time is. Let us try to make Filipino time as a time to meet on time, go smoothly with the flow, never be a hindrance or someone’s boulder. We can make Filipino time, as a time to smile because we are able to come in as expected.

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