Fil Com Coalition: We are here to serve others

Mr. Christopher Hernandez on his Welcome Address and Opening Remarks.
Mr. Christopher Hernandez on his Welcome Address and Opening Remarks.

At the recently held Board of Directors 2016 – 2017 Induction of Coalition of Filipino Community (Fil Com) Organizations in Kuwait, Mr. Christopher Hernandez shared his thoughts about the occasion and the coalition as a whole.

” Maraming nangarap, maraming naghangad na magkaroon ng tunay na pagkakaisa.” And in fact there were several individuals, several groups who did their best to make this coalition a reality. We stood strong and we will continue to stand united committing Filipinos here in Kuwait from now on.”

“We are proud that as leaders, part of our legacy is that we were able to contribute to the backbone of the coalition. The historical first Induction of the Board of Directors for this coalition will soon be realized.”

” At ako naman masasabi ko pagkatapos ng position ko as leader, after my term, what is next? It should not stop here. Sa oras ng atin panunumpa, marapat na isipin din natin kanino natin ipapasa ang legacy for them to be able to continue kung ano ang pangarap ng community.”

“It is important that we empower other leaders about authentic service. We are not here to be served . But we are here to be of service to others. “

Admin Note: Being an OFW is challenging but becoming an OFW community leader doubles every responsibility to look after the welfare of others, sometimes, over your very own. Despite all the unsolicited judgment from some people, an OFW community leader still carries on and moves forward to help bring the community to better heights.

As one saying similarly goes, ” The journey may not be easy but it will definitely be worth it”.


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