Father’s Temporary Residence, how will it affect a dependent child’s status?

An expatriate father has been working for a company for the past 5 years but finds himself in a confusing situation. His residence permit is expiring soon and because of some internal matters, the company he is working for can provide only temporary residence of 3 months, and later will be securing a permanent residence for all employees.

The expatriate father has been sponsoring his son’s residence which is valid until March 2017. He is a student. The mother is on a working visa. It is summer vacation in Kuwait schools. The mother and son would like to go on a vacation out of Kuwait. Will the son’s travel be possible?


You should be aware that at the start of this year, a decision is prevailing for expats that the validity of their residence permit is link to their passport validity. The same also goes with dependents’ residence is link to that of the sponsor. In your case, you may only have a temporary residence and other processes still needed for permanent residency.

Although your son’s residence validity is until March 2017, it could be easily cancelled by the Immigration Department once your own residency expires.

In order for you or your son not to have problems, you only have two options;

  1. Do not let your son leave Kuwait.
  2. While you are on temporary residence and awaiting your company to apply for permanent residence, you may try to apply to the Director of the Immigration Department of your area to transfer your son’s residence to your wife’s sponsorship on a temporary basis while your residence issues are still in process.

If the regional director rejects your request, you can approach the Director General of Immigration. You may try to consider these options to make your son’s status legal.

Expatriate students in Kuwait are usually under the sponsorship of their Father.
Expatriate students in Kuwait are usually under the sponsorship of their Father. (photo credit to owner)

source: Arab Times


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