Farida Al Halimi: A True Kabayan in Kuwait

Farida Al Halimi
Farida Al Halimi

Working abroad is not an easy thing. Those who are aspiring to get out of the country and earn much more by working somewhere else think that OFWs are blessed. Well, in a way they are as they have a job that can help sustain the needs of their families. However, there are more challenges like loneliness—and this is made worse when they are in their lowest points and loved ones are ocean away to give comfort.

This is the situation for those kabayan who have been maltreated by their employers and have lost hope. Fortunately, there are still brave and kind-hearted people like Farida Al Halimi who selflessly help her fellow OFWs here in Kuwait. For those Filipino workers who were able to escape from their abusive employers, Farida becomes an encouragement to them. Our heroine offers free haircut to these stressed OFWs who stay with the Philippine Embassy. Through this small way, these lonely kabayan can feel that somehow, there are still people around them who they can turn to.

Moreover, aside from the free haircut, Farida offers trainings in salon works like haircutting, rebonding, and dyeing to these distressed OFWs. Through this, she is able to help these kabayan in Kuwait stand on their feet again. No doubt, the training she offers serves as a second chance to them.

Farida is part of the Kuwait Filipino Mothers Organization (KFMO), which is an organization of OFWs who are married to Kuwaiti nationals and living with their families in the state.

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