Expats must be aware of bogus domestic helper agencies

Recently, following the arrest of two suspected domestic manpower agencies in Kuwait, which allegedly operate without legal permission, expatriates looking for domestic helpers / household service workers have been warned.

The General for Residency Investigation Affairs Department affiliated to Citizenship and Passport sector as well as the Public Relations and Security Media Department have released concerned statements synonymous to reminders of being very careful and wary of persons or so-called agencies that post easy access to hiring household service workers / domestic helpers via social media.

Beware of unofficial domestic helper agencies.
Beware of unofficial domestic helper agencies.(photo credit to owner)

More often than not, even those hopeful people from overseas whom these unofficial manpower agencies recruit, are being fooled and exploited by promising them work in beauty salons or office, but end up as domestic helpers.

Kuwait authorities continue to warn citizens and expatriates to be careful in their dealings with unofficial recruitment agencies to avoid falling victim to the activities of swindlers who disguise as domestic agents. Expatriates are also encouraged to avoid sheltering runaway domestic workers and violators in exchange of house help for their family.

Source: Arab Times

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