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Expats have schedule time at one Kuwait General Hospital

The oldest Kuwaiti General Hospital is giving schedule for expats in terms of medical care.
The oldest Kuwait General Hospital is giving schedule for expats in terms of medical care.(drugfreeorg)

According to Gulf News, Amiri Hospital, the oldest general hospital in Kuwait has given time schedule for expatriates concerning medical care and that is during the afternoons. But in emergency cases, expatriates will be treated almost immediately by doctors.

Morning treatment schedule is exclusive for Kuwaiti nationals but they can also choose to seek medical treatment in the afternoon. The separation of time for treatment for Kuwaiti nationals and expatriates was decided on to lessen the waiting time of Kuwaiti outpatients at the hospital.

The expatriate population is extreme in number and when they need medical care at hospitals, it cannot be avoided that the number of Kuwaiti nationals waiting, lengthens.

As expatriates, we are bound by the rules and regulations of the host country, even with medical care. Let us not see this move as discrimination, but rather, a progress for more effective health care here in Kuwait for both expatriates and Kuwaiti nationals.



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